In Memoriam

To the memories of Carl Anderson and Barry Dennen, performers whose gracious and warm interactions with this young fan changed my life forever, and of Krzysztof Trusiewicz and Steve Worek, friends who explored JCS – among other niche pop culture interests – with me and made being a fan much less lonely.

Among the Living

Among many still with us (see below), I dedicate these efforts to Ellis Nassour, the last of a dying breed of journalists and ever generous with compliments, and Richard Haase, my mentor, godfather, and friend.


First and foremost, thanks are due to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, without whom I’d have nothing to dissect, critique, love, obsess over, passionately admire, listen with rapt attention, and otherwise blather on and on about details the average person would find trivial and uninteresting. When I micro-analyze subtle arrangement differences in cast recordings, argue into the wee hours about the relative merits of one performer vs. another, and feel chills when my favorite song hits that magic moment, I never forget who’s responsible. That said, I’ll often have frank opinions and not hold back.

Secondly, I’d like to thank those surviving original performers who changed my life and made me the fan I am, in alphabetical order by last name so I don’t play favorites: Bob BinghamYvonne EllimanLarry MarshallTed NeeleyKurt Yaghjian, and too many others to mention. Without your inspiration, support, and friendship, all of which I’m blessed to have, I wouldn’t be in show business. Unlike many in that world, you are the heroes who have never let me down. As Hall & Oates wrote and Paul Young sang, “Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you.” I can’t wait to see you all again. Special mention must also go to people like Chuck DiMariaJohn FarnhamPaul NolanDrew SarichSzomor György, and Danny Zolli, who have brought fresh sounds to the world of JCS and, in one of Ted’s favorite phrases, “kept the circle turning.” You all rock!

Thirdly, I must name a handful of “passionate enthusiasts” and fellow historians I’ve met – and friends I’ve made – over many years of loving all things JCS who have always given me food for thought and frequently played with me in the mental sandbox of any who love to explore what makes the show tick. This book would not have been possible without the insight, prodding, queries, and support of Wendy AldertonJake BedardJustin “Muzzle” CarpenterMark (& Emily) CarterDavid Chalamet (& partner)Ethan ClarkSalvantonio Clemente and all at the sadly late U.R.O., Marc CohenJohn ContiSteve CoxNathan Jon DeSistoStephen DisneyDianne DuJeroen van EdenMerynn FlynnRubén Pardo GarcíaJohn GarofaloDianne (& Dyan) GomesNate GoncaloAndy GordanierEvan GrubbsKeyla HamiltonTyler Henry (my favorite “fan editor”), Eric Henwood-GreerGwendolyn Howard (& Pat Falcon)Mark JabaraAnthony JulianSteve KaganKyle KepulisGreg KerestanKaitlyn KmonAdam KnowlesMegan Lerseth, Ryan LetiziaJonathan “The Sweaty Oracle” Lewis (illegitimi non carborundum, mate!), Jeff LiebrichBrady LoveRenee MarcowiczAnthony MarinoSarah M. MartinLaura MinadeoFrank Munoz, Tumblr user nemoverne (without whose intrepid photo research none of the book’s illustrations would have been possible), Guy NoyesAshton (& Alex) Paden-UebingerSharman PrinceJared RobinsonAdam SchoalesKorynn ShofflerAndrew J. SimpsonDavid TessierAlex TirrellBrenda TollMary (& Etta) TramontiMark A. VaughanCindi Verbelun, and many more people than I can remember. Thank you all for your friendship, inspiration, encouragement, and contributions!

Last but certainly not least, my mother Melissa, brother Mason, and assorted relatives and family friends have had to hear me babble on incessantly about JCS minutiae for at least two decades (at the time of writing). Let this record show that all of that ultimately had a purpose, albeit not exactly a profitable one. Love you all!