About the Author

Gibson DelGiudice “always wanted to be in show biz ever since he was a little boy” (bang goes another cliché!). His entertainment career began when he was first discovered at 15 by Broadway legend Michael Butler, of Hair fame. Butler and his production unit introduced Gibson to Richard Haase, an NYC-based producer/auteur, as a prodigy whom Butler recommended Haase take a professional interest in. After five years of apprenticeship, Gibson emerged as a vital member of the producers’ unit at Haase’s Two Per Cent Solution in NYC (and, later, its affiliate East West Image Media International) and became a director of project development, involved in the company’s stage, film, and TV productions, as well as heading their publicity and public relations department.

In those roles, and as East Coast project development coordinator for TW3 Entertainment and founder of his own Hunter Arrogant Entertainment, Gibson has been privileged to work with many world-class media legends, including Michael Jackson, Jim Steinman, Barry Keating (composer of six-time Tony-nominated Starmites), Harry J. Lennix (of NBC’s The Blacklist), and noted TV director Oz Scott.

When not engaged in these enterprises, Gibson makes his home in Rhode Island’s scenic West Bay, whence he develops and produces original, local talent in all areas of media production (in concert with production possibilities in major U.S. cities and metropolitan centers throughout the world), helps administer Jesus Christ Superstar Zone (one of the foremost Internet fan communities for the beloved rock opera), co-hosts the podcast A Good Nightmare Comes So Rarely (about the downfall – and possible return – of the notorious Broadway flop Dance of the Vampires), runs a practical advice blog about the performing arts called Ars Pro Concreta, moonlights as a singer, and will marry you for pizza (see link for details).